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Lincoln Cent - 1958 DDO-001 - Giclée Print
  • Lincoln Cent - 1958 DDO-001 - Giclée Print

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    Hi All,

    This is a pre production release...

    I am working hard preparing for the upcoming central states convention. I have completed the monochrome versions of the 1909-S VDB Lincoln, the 1913 Buffalo type 1, the 1916-D Mercury, the 1917-S Standing Liberty Quarter type 1, the 1916 Walking Liberty Half and the 1904-O Morgan Dollar. I also have a few full color drawings completed as well as a few other denominations.

    But my current drawing of the 1958 DDO-001 is the one I am most proud of. I have spent over 2 full weeks working on all the extremely fine details present on this coin. Getting all the polishing lines present in the fields correct took days of extremely fine detail work. The penciled had to be kept razor sharp. Sharpening them after drawing every line. I went through over a dozen white pencils alone.

    I am going to have 4 prints formatted for the show. A horizontal obverse on reverse. A horizontal reverse on obverse. A vertical print with the obverse and a brief historical description of the piece. And a vertical print with the coins known provenance.

    There will only be 100 signed and numbered sets available. People will be able to choose between a color version or monochrome and be able to mix and match. I Will be selling these 4 drawing packages at the show for $250 each.

    Let me know if you will be attending the show. I would really like the chance to get together and chat...

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