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New Artwork

The 1916-D Winged Liberty head dime is an iconic coin and the key to the series.  This coin is highly sought after in high grade especially with full split bands

The original artwork for this highly detailed drawing is currently in my personal collection.   Approximately 140 hours were spent recreating every nuance of this historic coin.  The original drawings will be on display at the ANA's World's Fair of Money (booth 1921) this August.

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print - $120

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Only 100 limited-edition prints, will be meticulously reproduced for sale.  Alternate sizes, custom embellishments, matting and framing are available.

wall display 1.tif

Cell Phone Wallpaper and Lock Screens
Free downloads

Just click on the image and download to your phone.

1916 B&W Horizontal 2.jpg
Silver Certificate.jpg

Drawings of currency are now available

The first bill I chose to draw is the 1896 Educational $5 Silver Certificate.  This bill is considered by many to be one of the most artistic bills ever produced by the burrow of printing and engraving,

Original Artwork is available for $2,500
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Basic prints are available for $25. 
Limited Edition Prints, Only 25 are available for $250

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Numismatic Prints
8" x 10" = $25

11" x 17" = $45

13" x 19" Limited Edition = $120

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1916 B&W Horizontal 2.jpg
1837 Capped Bust Quarter Vertical obverse.jpg

Commissioned artwork
Silver Package = $2,000

Gold Package = $3,000

Colored pencil drawings in the style of the others shown on this site.

Click here for details.

Commissioned artwork

Large format acrylic or oil painting.

36" x 36" = $5,400

48" x 48" = $7,200

48" x 72" = $9,000

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1921 MNS Missouri Graphic obverse and reverse color.jpg
1907 Ultra High Relief Saint Gaudens Proof -Bass Example- vertical.jpg

Print of the Month
Bronze = $14.95

Silver = $34.95

Gold = $94.95

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Artist Portfolio

13" x 19"$4,200

Own 1 of 10 custom 50 print portfolios.

Click here for details.

1861-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar Horizontal Right Orientation 14.jpg
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