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Print of the Month Club

As a member of the print of the month club, you will be able to build a build a collection of fine art prints at an affordable price.  These are ultra realistic images, of the most important numismatic items ever produced.  Coins, currency, medals, etc...  While this work may be photo realistic in nature, its artistic interpretation imparts a quality that photographs cannot capture. 

Member Benefits

  1. Every month, as a member of the "Print of the Month" club, you will receive not one but two prints as a minimum (Additional items will be included from time to time).  Your package will include both the obverse and reverse of his most current work of art.

  2. When you sign up for the "Print of the Month" club, you will receive a custom photo album, signed and certified with your name and member number. 

  3. And, along with your binder you will receive the current months release along with 4 of Roberts favorite coin drawings.  Thats a total of 10 prints (A $250 to $650 VALUE).

  4. Also, as a member, you will receive 20% off all prints available on this site.  That includes all 8x10, 11x17 and 13x19 signed and numbered limited-edition prints.

All prints supplied to members of the "Print of the Month" club meet the same stringent standards we maintain for all of our products.  Click here for a link to our product specifications and standards.

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