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Artist "Proof" Portfolio

The artist portfolio is a very limited-edition compilation of all my best work to date.  There are only going to be 10 of these portfolios ever produced.  Portfolio owners will get an option to add all my work to their portfolio, even the specially commissioned work that is unavailable to the public.

So far, some of the biggest names in the hobby are in possession of these portfolios.

Portfolio #1 belongs to Rob Oberth

Portfolio #2 is in the possession of Ian Russel

Portfolio #3 is being maintained by John Brush

Portfolio #4 Is in the capable hands of Allen Rowe

Portfolio #5 is anonymously owned by "Mr. Elite"

Portfolio #6 is owned by Twin Lakes Coins.

Portfolio #7 Available

Portfolio #8 is in the possession of Olivia Blaise Marino

Portfolio #9 Available

Portfolio #10 Available

Below is the original portfolio as sent to John Brush.  Below that are examples of some of the prints.

John Brush's Portfolio #3 of 10

John Brush's Portfolio #3 of 10

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